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Hi!  You made it here!

Welcome to our heart!

We grow our own Luffa and have handmade soap.

Couple things to be aware of

1. DO NOT USE if you are allergic to soap, honey, essential oils, or luffa.  2. IF YOU LOVE ANY OF THOSE.... KEEP GOING


The Story of BeeFriendly Luffa and Soap

Smart, Earth Friendly

Since our first day in this house, we KNEW we wanted to garden. After a couple of years of trial and error, we figured out we needed our pollinators.  Bees.  We needed more Bees.  OK, how do we do that?  A lot of research pointed us to Luffa Vines.  So many beautiful flowers should bring us the help we need. HOLY BEE!  Luffa Vines bring Luffa, now what.  SOAP.  YOU get to reap the benefits of our Luffa.  Here we are now, so many years later, BeeFriendly Luffa &  Soap.

Most of our soaps contain an essential oils of  3-4% dilution 

This means lightly scented in MOST CASES.  Please read the descriptions in the shop. We do have a couple of soaps a little bit higher which makes it more buttery.


All scents come and go, if you have a favorite, email and we'll make it just for you



All soaps are vegetable glycerin based and/or with shea butter.  We are currently only using essential oils and not fragrance based oils.  Soaps with luffa are fantastic for exfoliating the elbows and feet but not recommended for sensitive areas.  *NOTE :  the more you use it, the softer it gets, so start working that beauty on the first day!  




Package Delivered

Disclaimer:  It is a violation of federal law (felony practice of medicine without a license) for anyone other than a licensed medical professional to recommend an essential oil, herb, (or anything else) for the treatment or cure of any condition or disease. 
The information  and the products provided here are intended for aromatherapy use.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or relieve any disease or condition.  
BFLS is not responsible for or liable for how  the products sold here are used, or for any for actions taken after reading the information.

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